ECOLIFT Corporation takes pride in being the premier full-service maintenance and completion center for helicopters in the Caribbean. Our company services include unique aircraft and helicopter refurbishment, as well as extensive reconstruction of structural components, complex avionics installations, specialized harness manufacture, exclusive tailor-made interiors, and modern and advanced painting jobs. 

Also, Ecolift Corporation is a Repair Station certified by the FAA (#EOFR278Y), the INAC (OMAC-E534), and ANAC (1B-506). We are a Bell Helicopter, MD Helicopter and AgustaWestland approved Service Center. Also, we have Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney Overhaul and Maintenance capability.​

  •  Maintenance, Repair and Overall (MRO)
  •  Rebuilding & Refurbishment
  •  Avionics Installations
  •  Structural Customizations
  •  Personalization
  •  Paint Scheme & Design
  •  Law Enforcement
  •  Harness Manufacture

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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Helicopters play a large role in any mission and that’s why having your one-stop shop for comprehensive helicopter maintenance is vital.

Ecolift Corporation take pride in being the premier full-service maintenance facility for Bell Textron Helicopters, MD Helicopters and AugustaWestland in the Caribbean. In addition, our skilled and certificated team of mechanics and technicians includes dedicated professionals with many years of experience and excellent and continuing training. 

Ecolift’s Corporation maintenance repair and overhaul capabilities span the entire spectrum of components installed on military and commercial helicopters, and include:

  •  Drive Systems
  •  Rotors
  •  Avionics
  • Instruments
  • Electromechanical
  • Hydraulics

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Rebuilding & Refurbishment

Ecolift Corporation has gained world recognition in the reconstruction of pre-owned helicopters, because at present the demand for new, modern helicopters is greater than the numbers available, particularly considering the present state of the world economy.

Our company, through its reconstruction and modernization programs, meets all specific needs of its clients. Also, this program has been of great success for Armed forces from the Caribbean and Latin America, such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile, including servicing for seven Bell UH helicopters that the Chilean Army used for United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping missions.

The Ecolift Corporation team bring great technical experience on the reconstruction and refurbishment of the Bell UH-1H, Casa 212 and Bell 212 fleet.

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At Ecolift Corporation, we offer our clients the best and most modern features for helicopter personalization. Whether it’s a brand new helicopter or a pre-owned one, we can upgrade the helicopter’s capabilities to the most modern and technologically advanced in the industry. 

From the aesthetics, such as changing windows, exterior painting and upholstery, to adding MP3 players, iPod auxiliaries, CD players and fridges, we can make sure you enjoy a more comfortable flight.

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Paint Scheme & Design

When it comes to the design and look of your refurbished helicopter, ECOLIFT simply excels, thanks in part to our state-of-the-art paint booths and the most advanced paint-drying oven for helicopters in the Caribbean.

At ECOLIFT Corp., we lead the pack with our painting services, which include interior and exterior paint jobs, and we use the highest quality paints in the industry to bring a paint job designed to last and impress.


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Law Enforcement

ECOLIFT Corporation’s Law Enforcement Program empowers your fleet with the newest law enforcement technology, delivering an exceptional speed, range, hover performance and enhanced safety margins for your mission. 

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